Outstaffing from the company «WORLD MONITORING» - is an effective tool for optimizing business processes.

 Today, many large foreign and domestic companies are increasingly using the service outstaffing - a conclusion beyond a single company's staff, not the service, department, function, and staff job unit. It is believed that outstaffing - the invention of Japanese management, as in Japan there is no more than a third of all employees working in the company. Practice outstaffing extremely common in Western countries, where the service is used by more than one decade.

Short description of outstaffing

Outstaffing - is removing personnel from the staff of the company. When outstaffing staff  conclude labor contracts not with the company, which is the actual employer, but with intermediary organizations or outstaffers.

Outstaffer takes over the functions of payroll, tax, labor law enforcement (hiring, firing, and so on). At the same time the staff work directly to the company, which is the actual customer. The company «WORLD MONITORING» offers comprehensive solutions for the complex and time-consuming outstaffing of HR-functions, allowing our customers to focus on their own business processes. Currently, for the companies it is necessary to focus on implementing long-term plans for the management of key processes, providing competitive advantages to hold their positions in the market. The company «WORLD MONITORING» seeks to free our customers from performing non-core tasks in the field of HR, providing an opportunity to solve their strategic challenges and develop effectively.

Employing  our company’s services, Commissioning Client is able to:

  • Disclaim legal responsibility towards employees
  • release of obligations under the labor disputes with employees
  • Avoid downtime at work
  • Reduce the risk of insurance and other emergencies with the staff.
  • Reducing the administrative and financial burden on the company, while maintaining the direct supervision of the
  • Reducing the load on personnel services businesses
  • Reducing the load on the accounting of the enterprise.
  • Reducing the number of employees in staffing
  • Eliminate or reduce the cost of layoffs
  • Optimize the cost of training and compensation packages
  • Eliminate costs associated with the calculation and salary payment
  • To optimize the number of employees in accordance with the actual volumes of business
  • Exclude the cost of recruitment
  • To test the new employees without issuing them labor relations

We are always ready to provide more favorable conditions.



INTEGRATED SERVICE of industrial and large commercial property

WORLD MONITORING Company provides services in a professional full-service cleaning of any type of industrial or large commercial property

Cleaning of offices

Cleaning of industrial premises.

Collection, transportation specialized vehicles for placement in collection points / landfills.

Washing, drying, ironing (using SMS with a low content of surfactants)

Rodent of premises
Disinfestations of premises

Cleaning and weed mowing grass. Spraying herbicides

Planting of annual crops forming

Lawn Care, watering, cleaning, mowing

Caring for trees, cleaning of dry grass, watering, fertilizers makeup

Care shrubs, grass weed weeding, cleaning of dry grass, mowing, watering, fertilizers makeup

Content in the sanitary condition of objects.    

Basic principles of our company

The principle of partnership.

 We are interested in long-term partnerships. We make every effort to find the best solutions through continuous improvement of its services.

Planning principles.

   We provide our clients with the maximum package of cleaning services and consultation on how you can reduce your fixed costs of cleaning.

The quality of our services.

 Company WORLD MONITORING cherishes reputation as your own and its customers, so they ensure the most thorough approach to the provision of cleaning services, whether one-time general cleaning or the conditions for the annual contract for cleaning services premises organization.

In their work The company WORLD MONITORING uses only the newest and modern equipment that allows our clients to be confident in the high quality of work and in the absence of unforeseen circumstances, whether general cleaning and washing windows. Years of experience, proven technology has led to professional cleaning and a personal approach to each customer to provide its customers confidence in the compulsory and responsible service delivery team WORLD MONITORING.

Cleaning outsourcing.

 In favor of the transfer of responsibilities for cleaning and outsourcing, we will try to assist you in making decisions and give some arguments in favor of a third-party cleaning company.

WORLD MONITORIING Cooperation Process Control cleaning allows our clients to:

Focus its efforts on key strategic aspects of business management. We will take care of non-core functions of your company: daily cleaning, washing windows and spring cleaning, cleaning after repair, etc.

Reduce the cost of managing secondary functions for general cleaning, cleaning after repair, professional cleaning, while maintaining full control and transparency of the process and ensure a high level of cleaning services. Our company assumes all obligations on search, selection, training and registration of personnel and related financial expenses, document flow, purchase inventory, equipment, special clothing, and supplies for professional cleaning. To minimize management risks. Company WORLD MONITORING completely takes the lead in the process of cleaning. Spent many years to control the circuit functions of cleaning and eliminating any possibility of default for reasons of delay, vacations, illnesses and other costs of the "human factor". Our company provides its customers with professional cleaning services based on extensive experience and proven technologies of work.


Organization of corporate catering for the employees of large companies - another area where «WORLD MONITORING» offers expert help. Competent catering employees in the company - is the key to their productive work, and a friendly atmosphere in the team and increase overall satisfaction with the company's management as a whole. It is for this reason that a growing number of modern enterprises bought food in corporate catering companies. We pay great attention to the selection and training of staff, all employees receive training in food safety standards of hygiene, as well as training in the workplace for all positions and levels to enhance their professional knowledge.






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